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Cotronics Durapot® 820 is a high purity ceramic embedding cement.

This ceramic has an excellent electrical resistance at high temperatures.

It is an air-drying paint that can withstand temperatures up to 1760°C and dries very quickly.

Based on alumina, it is available in 0.94 and 3.7 litre packs. 

For larger sizes, please contact us.

We also offer other alumina-based products delivered in single-component form.

  • Ceramic embedding cement
  • Excellent electrical resistance
  • Alumina
  • Tmax 1760 °C 


Embedding Ceramic Cement ()

Technische Datenblatt: Cotronics® - Embedding Ceramic Cement

Cotronics® - Embedding cement ()

Technische Datenblatt: Keramik Einbettungszemente

Cotronics ()

Technische Datenblatt: Cotronics® Keramik Einbettungszemente