Porcelain crucible

Laboratory porcelain is composed of a network of needle-shaped mullite crystals (3Al2O3, 2SiO2) coated with a vitreous phase.

Free quartz is only found in very small quantities. It comes in the form of fine round-headed crystals coated with a glassy phase rich in SiO2.

These products can be used up to a maximum temperature of 1200°C.

Good resistance to acids of all kinds, even at boiling point, with the exception of hydrofluoric acid. Resistance to hot concentrated bases is lower.

Batch order (from 10 to 100 depending on the item).

Products available on request

  • Lids with handle
  • Evaporation capsules
  • Dishes
  • Pierced washers
  • Incineration dishes
  • Drip-dishes
  • Cylindrical crucibles
  • Conical crucibles
  • Mortar

Crucibles (857.34k)

Technical data sheet crucibles.