Aluminium Titanate Al2TiO5

Aluminium Titanate Al2TiO5

Final Advanced Materials provides high temperature Aluminium titanate sintered ceramic. We can provide rods, plates or machine parts according to your drawings.

Aluminium titanate presentation

The outstanding thermal shock resistance of aluminium titanate results from the low coefficient of thermal expansion on the macroscopic scale, in combination with the low modulus of elasticity. The dependency of the strength and of the modulus of elasticity on temperature also have what for ceramics are unusual curves. Both values increase as the temperature rises, effects that are again due to the closing of the micro-cracks at higher temperatures.

Aluminium titanate main characteristics

Aluminium titanate (ATI) ceramic is the stoichiometric solid solution of aluminium oxide and titanium dioxide (Al2O3 . TiO2), and is distinguished by :

  • Low modulus of elasticity
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Very low coefficients of thermal expansion, leading to excellent thermal shock resistance and to
  • Low wettability by molten non-ferrous metals

Aluminium titanate applications

The material is used, for instance, in portliners, cylinder liners and vehicle engines, in the spacing rings of catalytic converters, as kiln furniture and in foundry engineering. Here it is particularly found in aluminium smelting works where it is used for rising pipes and proportioning pipes, nozzles, crucibles, flow regulators and so forth.

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