Sintered ceramic Zirconia ZrO2

Sintered ceramic - Zirconia ZrO2

Final Advanced Materials provides high temperature Zirconia ZrO2 sintered ceramics. We can provide rods, plates or machine parts according to your drawings.

Sintered ceramic presentation

Zirconia (ZrO2) has very specific characteristics :

  • High fracture toughness
  • Thermal expansion similar to cast iron
  • Extremely high bending strength and tensile strength
  • High resistance to wear and to corrosion
  • Low thermal conductivity

Zirconium oxide occurs as monoclinic, tetragonal and cubic crystal forms. Densely sintered parts can be manufactured as cubic and/or tetragonal crystal forms. In order to stabilise these crystal structures, stabilisers such as magnesium oxide (MgO) or yttrium oxide (Y2O3) need to be added to the ZrO2.

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