Because high temperature is a specialist business, for more than 20 years, FINAL ADVANCED MATERIALS has been designing solutions adapted to the extreme conditions of work in industry.

FINAL ADVANCED MATERIALS is active in its Rott premises a few kilometers from Strasbourg.

Bonding, molding, coating, thermal insulation, machining hard materials and composites on plan, making technical textiles are part of the unique know-how developed by professionals for professionals.

Beyond the design of advanced materials, we put our experience at your service by assisting you in the development of a solution tailored to your requirements. Whatever your activity, one of our materials will surely meet your needs.

FINAL ADVANCED MATERIALS is also the representative of the most important innovative brands in the field of advanced materials, COTRONICS, NEWTEX, ZIRCAR, CTU, SIZAL, ...


CATALOG: you are looking for advanced materials, ceramics, composites, insulators, resins in small quantities.

The FINAL ADVANCED MATERIAL catalog is the answer to a need expressed by our customers. Namely, make available and deliver as soon as possible a catalog of advanced materials with their data sheets and their complete health and safety document, and in the smallest possible formats and quantities. This service is intended for laboratories, companies, institutes that want to perform tests or prototypes in the best possible conditions.

FINAL ADVANCED MATERIAL devotes a significant portion of its resources to research and development of new materials.

SERVICE: materials engineering.

FINAL ADVANCED MATERIAL offers complete engineering of materials and processes. FINAL ADVANCED MATERIAL has a unique know-how; for each application, our engineers choose, after modeling and calculations, the materials best suited to your process.

The implementation, advanced materials, composites, requires the integration of several trades. FINAL ADVANCED MATERIAL can provide global solutions by integrating several technologies, making, coating, injection, molding, machining, ...