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Overview: Composites and Refractories

A composite material count at least two immiscible phases: a matrix and a resin. A filler can be added to the mix to enhance the properties of the final product. Final Advanced Materials offers two different ranges of technical composites. Materials may have organic or mineral bonds, depending upon their application. Mineral technical composites are resistant to higher temperatures than organic technical composites.

Organic Composites

Our range of organic technical composites based on fibreglass and epoxy resin allows us to offer you a complete selection of solutions up to a maximum temperature of 350 °C. These technical composites offer full thermal and electrical insulation. In addition to controlled flammability, they offer arc protection and can be used wherever temperature resistance, dimensional stability and mechanical resistance are essential parameters. Furthermore, we have endeavoured to make not only strong materials, but also excellent workability in order to guarantee easy mechanical work with conventional tools.

Available Organic Composites

Inorganic Refractories

Our range of mineral-bonded technical composites incorporates various materials, for the optimum response to issues arising in the field. These products are resistant up to a maximum temperature of 2,000 °C. 

The temperature resistance of a material is generally inversely proportional to its density, its mechanical strength and its machinability.

Available Inorganic Composites

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