Ceramic Powders

Different ceramic powder

Final Advanced Materials offers a range of ceramic powders : alumina, boron nitride, magnesia, zirconium oxide, aluminium nitrid, boron, carbides, nitride, ...

Alumina powder Al203

Alumina is a ceramic of composition Al203. The structure, purity, hardness and the specific surface are the main characteristics of the powders. Calcination times vary from one range to another; some aluminas are harder, others softer. The grain sizes and distributions are also different.

Boron nitride powder BN

Our wide range of boron nitride powders, also known as white graphite, are of varying purity and grain size (from less than 1 to more than 100 μm). They are designed for many applications, such as separation, lubrication or plastic work.

Magnesia powder MgO

Our wide range of magnesia (magnesium oxide) powders are of varying purities and grain sizes and are suitable for many applications. Our powder grades vary according to purity, grain size and distribution.

Zirconium oxide powder ZrO2

This is an ultra-fine, highly reactive powder composed of zircon stabilised with yttrium oxide. It is white, non-toxic and chemically stable with a controlled surface area (can be provided with an organic binder if needed).

Final Advanced Materials can also provide borides, borons, carbides, nitrides and more.

Ceramic powders (295.53k)

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