High Temperature Textiles

High Temperature Manipulation with technical Textile

Final Advanced Materials offers a range of high-temperature fibres. Our textiles are available in different quantities and in several sizes, and we create your products in our workshop. Our engineers assist you in developing the best product for your requirements.

We can supply and implement the following fibres: Aramid, Glass, Zetex®, Basalt, Zetex®Plus, Silicate, Pure Silica, Biosoluble, Monofilament Ceramics and Zirconium.

Our production workshop

Thanks to our engineers and our workshop, Final Advanced Materials manufactures soft mattresses and flexible 2D or 3D insulating parts according to your needs. These customised products are made from our range of specialist textiles.

To meet different needs, there are variants of these fabrics with coatings, such as silicone, PTFE and vermiculite, and aluminised or self-adhesive surfaces.

Making high temperature mattresses

Our classic mattresses are composed of three layers:

We can produce a specific closing system or add reinforcing inserts depending on the intended purpose.

Customised specialist textiles

Our products are customised to the different characteristics of the intended application:

  • Operating temperature
  • Mechanical constraints
  • Chemical constraints
  • Operating environment
  • Health and safety

Our specialist technical resources

Our resources allow us to produce prototypes and ranges/series of parts:

  • Industrial sewing machines
  • Digital plotter
  • Digital cutting table
  • Templates
  • Injection system for flexible parts
  • Riveting
  • Bonding

High temperature textile applications

  • Valve and flange insulation
  • Piping and exhaust sheaths
  • Turbine, pump, engine/motor mattresses
  • Furnace and steriliser gasket seals
  • Thermal protection screens
  • Splash/spray screens

Felts and Blankets HT° (1.13M)

Technical data sheet: our range of high temperature nonwoven felts and blankets.

HT° Sewing Threads (785.46k)

Technical data sheet: high temperature sewing threads.

Customised Cuts

Final Advanced Materials offers customised cuts and sections of technical-use textiles from our textile production workshops.
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Technical textiles manufacturing

Final Advanced Materials offers tailor-made technical use textiles and high temperature solutions; thermal protection, fire protection.
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