Technical Ceramics

Our large range of technical ceramics fot high temperatur

Final Advanced Materials propose three types of technical ceramics for high-temperature applications: sintered ceramics, machinable ceramics and pressed ceramics.

Sintered ceramics

From drafts, these shaped parts are obtained by moulding or extrusion using diamond machining for dense ceramics.

We define the parameters of our prototypes as well as machining them, along with personal production in small and large series. We design and machine ceramic components adapted to specific customer applications: sensors, medical technology, equipment and mechanical engineering, microsystems technology, chemical and process engineering.

We only work with high purity, calibrated and approved ceramics. The ceramic parts we process are reproduced without altering the physical characteristics of the drafts before machining, without any mechanical depreciation or alteration.

Ceramics have many intrinsic properties, such as hardness, abrasion resistance, compressive strength, resistance to high temperatures and thermal shock, and high dielectric strength, and all these qualities are preserved and reproduced in our finished products.

Our wide range of sintered technical ceramics will enable you to select the most suitable material for your purpose: alumina, zircon, magnesia, boron nitride, silicon carbide, aluminium titanate and aluminium nitride.

Machinable ceramics

Machinable ceramics are easily produced using conventional machine tools. These ceramics can be sawn, drilled, milled and turned with conventional tools, available in all general mechanical workshops.

Specialist machinable ceramics can be used to create small parts as well as validation prototypes. A single ceramic is unable to meet all demands and stresses, which is why we have spent years developing a complete range of easily machinable ceramic materials that are able to meet maximum constraints.

Our wide range of machinable ceramics will enable you to select the most suitable material for your purpose : Macor®, Shapal M™ Soft, alumina silicate, alumina and boron nitride.

Pressed ceramics

Our range of pressed ceramic products are suitable for applications requiring parts with less severe constraints. The properties required for their applications are obtained by cooking above 1000°C.

Parts are manufactured by cutting and shaping by means of drying presses, via a wet process and using extruders. Treatment can be carried out on crude materials. The need to make shaping tools means this ceramic range consists only of the large variety.

As standard we offer: mullite, steatite, porous cordierite, ...

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