Castable cement

Castable ceramic cement application.

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Cotronics® products available in six refractory compositions: Alumina, Ceramic Foam, Silica, Silicon Carbide and Zirconia.

Cotronics® castable cement

Parts as small as an inch to parts measuring over 6 ft. in length, and over 2000 pounds in weight, are easy to make.

Just mix and pour into any non-absorbent mold and let harden overnight to produce highly detailed ceramics, usable to 2200ºC.

Now an unlimited number of high temp. problems can be solved with ceramics using an in house process.

740 - 1260°C : Al2O3/SiO2 insulating foam

750 - 1480°C : Shock resistant

760 - 2200°C : Ultra high temperature

770 - 1480°C : Corrosion resistance

780 - 1650°C : Alumina for general purpose

RTC 60 - 1760°C
: High purity alumina

Castable ceramic cement (458.24k)

Technical data sheet castable ceramic cement.

Rescor 750 - Moldable...

Rescor 750 - Moldable Ceramic, Fused Silica

Cotronics  Rescor® 750  is a  ceramic casting cement  for high temperature applications.  The product has excellent electrical and mechanical properties and very good thermal stability. It is a liquid  silicate cement  with a temperature resistance of up to 1480°C. It is not very dilatable and does not conduct heat well. It is available in 18.5 and 37 litre pots.  For larger sizes, please contact us.
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RTC-70-1 two-component...

RTC-70-1 two-component mouldable ceramic powder

RTC-70  fine is a  pure alumina  based powder Al2O3. It can withstand temperatures up to 1790 °C. It can be mixed with demineralised water. The mixture results in a moulding paste which must be shaped and dried. This paste can be poured onto all non-absorbent materials. The moulds should have sufficient vents to allow proper casting.  RTC-70 mouldable ceramic is available in 3.6 kg.  For larger sizes, please contact us. We offer other  moulding ceramics  with unlimited applications at high temperatures. 
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