Cotronics Produkte : Epoxy, Harz, Klebstoffe

Die Cotronics Produkte sind in Deutschland nicht verkauft ⚠

For over thirty years, Cotronics®’ staff of researchers, engineers, chemists and technicians have provided industry with a reliable source of high quality, high temperature products specially formulated to meet the demanding specifications today’s technology requires. These products include:

High temperature epoxies

Unique cross linked, organic-inorganic, polymer systems have excellent adhesion, high temperature stability, dielectric properties and superior chemical, corrosion and moisture resistance.

High temperature ceramics

These 4000ºF machinable and castable ceramics, adhesives, potting and encapsulating compounds are available in a wide range of viscosities, strengths, conductivities, expansion rates and dielectric properties.

Final Advanced Materials offers the Cotronics®' high temperature solutions required to satisfy the most difficult applications in the aerospace, automotive, semi-conductor, instrumentation, appliances, chemical processing industries.

Cotronics® - Ceramic Adhesives (660.85k)

Technisches Datenblatt: full range of Cotronics® Ceramic Adhesives

Cotronics® - HT° Sealants (187.64k)

Technisches Datenblatt Cotronics® High Temperature Sealants.

Cotronics® - Hochtemperaturlacke (168.78k)

Technisches Datenblatt Cotronics® Hochtemperaturlacke.

Cotronics® - Embedding cement (235.36k)

Technische Datenblatt: Keramik Einbettungszemente

Cotronics® - Selector Kit (257.49k)

Technisches Datenblatt: Cotronics® Versuchspaket 970N.

Cotronics® - Adhesives epoxy (200.72k)

Technische Datenblatt: Elektrisch leitfähige Kleber

Cotronics® - Adhesives Epoxy T (199.83k)

Technische Datenblatt: Cotronics® Wärmeleitende Kleber

Hochtemperaturlack (218.91k)

Technische Datenblatt - COTRONICS - Hochtemperaturlack

Cotronics® - Epoxy Resins E (620.16k)

Technisches Datenblatt: Cotronics® Epoxy Resins.