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Cotronics Duralco® 120 adhesive is a bonding epoxy resin for high temperature applications.

It is used to make high temperature bonding, up to 260°C.

This 2 components epoxy adhesive is charged with silver powder. This adhesive is a good electric conductor.

This product is available in 52 grammes.

Please contact us for bigger packagings. We also provide other types of high temperature adhesives and glues.

Cotronics Duralco 120 Adhesive epoxy high temperature electrically conductive
  • Epoxy adhesive
  • Silver filler
  • 2 components
  • Maximum temperature 260°C


Electrically Conductive Epoxy ()

Technisches Datenblatt Cotronics® electrically conductive Epoxy adhesives.

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Technische Datenblatt: Elektrisch leitfähige Kleber

Cotronics® - Epoxy Resins E (629.51k)

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