Customised Cuts

 Textile production workshop for customised cuts.

Final Advanced Materials offers customised cuts and sections of technical-use textiles from our textile production workshops. Our production team can cut and section all types of materials for clothing and furnishings, as well as technical-use and composite textiles.

With our partnership with the FK Group and FK Europe, here at Final Advanced Materials we have installed a state-of-the-art digital cutting table in our workshop, the Tecno Freccia, which boasts:

  • Integrated CAD software
  • Optimised placement software
  • Tracing, cutting and milling functions
  • Template cutting facility
  • Prototypes, pre-series and series cutting facility

Technical info about the Tecno Freccia

Three types of cutting

The Tecno Freccia has three types of cutting functions in addition to its tracing facility:

  • The oscillating knife: for classical and technical fibres,
  • The drag knife: a fixed knife that is similar to a cutter and can cut hard or coated materials,
  • The drilling device: used to drill holes and shape composite panels.

With its conveyor belt system, it is able to produce automatic mono and multilayer cuts with a compressed thickness of up to 25mm. It has a self-sharpening blade system for precise cuts even during the cutting process.

Thanks to an innovative filtration system, the Tecno Freccia does not require the installation of a supplementary ventilation system and can be used without PPE.

Other technical properties of the Tecno Freccia

  • Work area: 200 x 180 cm
  • Dimensions L x L x H: 405.9 x 303.6 x 214 cm
  • Weight: 2350 kg
  • Installed power: 14 kW
  • Average consumption: 5 kW
  • Current voltage: 400V ± 10%

FKad & JustCut software

The FKad ModelTM modelling software enables the creation or modification of cutting patterns and templates. Intuitive and fully featured, all the functions for cutting clothes and technical parts are available. Some of the software's features:

  • Desing,
  • Establishment cutting and tracing lines and stitching values, etc.
  • Geometric transformations,
  • Information management for the parts.

It also provides the ability to import and export plans and files as images, .dxf, .ISO, .HPGL, as well as files from other cutting and textile design software programs such as Lectra, Optitex or Gerber.

Please feel free to send us your plans or specifications.

Module Place™

FKad also offers a Place™ module that enables the automatic and optimised placement of parts onto the cutting table. Cutting constraints can also be incorporated, quilting or padding properties adjusted, and parts and sections positioned manually.

Just Cut is a simple and intuitive software developed by the FK Group that enables the fast adjustment of the machine and provides an overview of the cutting parameters. The type of blade can be determined, parts and sections resized, and cutting process modified or simulated.

More information on other versions of the Tecno Freccia as well as demo videos are available on the FK Group website. For a visit, or to try out some test cuts, please get in touch.

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