Sintered Ceramic: Alumina

Al2O3 99,7% sintered alumina ceramic

Overview : Sintered Aluminium Oxide

Final Advanced Materials manufactures ceramic parts with precision. From the blanks obtained by moulding or extrusion, we get these shaped parts by diamond machining for dense ceramics.

We provide the definition and machining of prototypes, as well as the individual production in small and large series. We design and machine the ceramic components adapted to specific customer applications.

We only work with calibrated and qualified ceramics of high purity. The ceramic parts that we transform, reproduce without modification, the physical characteristics of the blanks before machining, without any variation or mechanical depreciation. 

The intrinsic properties to ceramics, i.e. hardness, abrasion resistance, compressive strength, resistance to high temperatures, to thermal shocks, high dielectric strength, all these qualities are preserved and reproduced on the finished parts.

Aluminium oxide is a technical ceramic oxide of primary importance, as it is suitable for a wide variety of applications. It is characterized by a high degree of hardness and thermal stability. It also shows exceptionally good resistance to high temperatures and abrasion.

Applications of Sintered Aluminium oxide

  • Production of customized components
  • Flame tubes
  • Heat exchangers
  • Firing trays
  • Protection of electrical circuits
  • Substrates
  • Medical prostheses
  • Sealing gaskets
  • Ceramic machining tools
  • Wire guides
  • Mechanical components

Benefits of Sintered Aluminium Oxide

  • Hardness
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Dimensional stability, even at high temperatures
  • Resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Electrically insulating
  • Resistance to chemical products
  • High-temperature withstand

Technical Data of Sintered Aluminium Oxide

A comparative table for the available Sintered Aluminium oxide can be downloaded in the data sheet.

Physical variables included in this documentation are provided by way of indication only and do not, under any circumstances, constitute a contractual undertaking. Please contact our technical service if you require any additional information.

Sintered Technical Ceramics (348.43k)

Data Sheet: Sintered Technical Ceramics