Rigid graphite felt

Rigid graphite felt is available with a thickness of 40mm (maximum size 1524 x 1219 mm²). This product is a shape-retentive insulating material made of graphite fibres and a carbon binder. It is suitable for temperatures up to 2000°C in a vacuum environment and used in the form of self-supporting boards, cylinders and other components, mainly in high-temperature furnace applications.

Specific widths and shapes can be cut to your specifications.

Characteristic properties

  • Low thermal conductivity : This property allows high-temperature furnaces to be designed and manufactured with thin layers of insulating material. Moreover, graphite foil-faced felts ensure heat reflection into the furnace, and the foil acts as a convection barrier.

  • Low heat capacity : The low mass of the heat insulating layer, resulting from the low density of this material, allows rapid heating and cooling of the furnace.

  • High thermal stability : Rigid graphite felts are stable up to 2200°C in a vacuum or inert atmosphere. Above 2200°C their physical properties will change, i.e. thermal conductivity will increase and the material will shrink. For applications above 2200°C, users should consult us for advice.

  • Shape retention : Our felts do not compress or shrink under normal operating conditions. The bulk density thus remains unchanged throughout the entire insulating layer. The insulating properties remain constant, and no voids, channels or hot spots occur. Shape retention can be improved by optional carbon-fibre-reinforced carbon layers on both sides.

  • Low adsorption of gases and vapours : Due to their low specific surface area, rigid graphite felts adsorb only insignificant amounts of moisture. This allows short evacuating times from vacuum furnaces.

Main characteristic

  • Density: 0.2 g/cm³
  • Flexural strength: 1 MPa at 20°C
  • Compressive strength: 1 MPa at 20°C
  • Maximum application temperature: 2000°C in vacuum or inert gas
  • Ash content: 1000 ppm
  • Moisture adsorption: < 1%
  • Low thermal conductivity: 0.19 W/m.K at 20°C up to 0.85 W/m.K at 2000°C)
  • Easy to machine
  • High resistance to erosion
  • Ideal for insulation of induction furnaces
  • Available in purified grade
  • Possibility of surface coating

This rigid felt is also available with one or both sides covered with graphite foil to prevent the release of fibres and increase the mechanical strength of the product. The MFA - F reference has graphite bonded to one side. The MFA – FF reference has graphite bonded to both sides. These felt products can also be covered with CFC ; carbon reinforced carbon.

This product is available from stock, parts can be cut according to your requirements. We can also provide rigid felt cylinders. Feel free to contact us.

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