Technical textiles manufacturing

Sewing machine for technical-use textiles manufacturing.

Final Advanced Materials offers tailor-made thermal protection straight from its textile production workshop. Our production team works with all types of technical textiles: fabrics, strips, sheaths, cords and braids, paper, felts and high-temperature flat blankets. We use all kinds of materials: Aramid, Fiberglass, Zetex®, Basalt, ZetexPlus®, Silicate, Pure Silica, Biosoluble, Monofilament Ceramics and Zirconia. Variations on our standard products are available to meet your needs: coatings, lamination, adhesive surfaces and many more.

Our production workshop

With our expertise and our experienced team, here at Final Advanced Materials we have put in place many varied technical resources to create our range of products providing high-temperature protection:

  • CAD and thermal insulation software
  • Digital plotters
  • Digital cutting tables
  • Industrial sewing machines
  • Templates and prototypes
  • Injection systems for flexible parts
  • Rivets and eyelets
  • Bonding
  • Complex, manual production and finishing
  • Closing and fastening systems

Tailor-made manufacturing solutions

As a manufacturer of industrial thermal protection, flame and fire protection, thermal insulation and heat shielding solutions, Final provides products that are fully adapted to your dimensional and environmental constraints. We cater to:

  • Chemical constraints
  • Physical constraints
  • Thermal constraints
  • The nature of the environment
  • Thermal and electrical insulation
  • The nature of the materials in contact
  • Health and safety standards
  • Compliance with standards and certifications

Fields of application

Final Advanced Materials offers industrial thermal insulation solutions for all types of companies in the following sectors:

  • Aeronautics and space
  • Naval
  • Transport
  • Medical
  • Food industry
  • Research
  • Manufacturing

Some of our products

Here at Final Advanced Materials we design different types of products providing high-temperature protection according to the technical specifications you provide.

Thermal insulation mattresses

Thermal insulation mattresses are our flagship product from our industrial thermal isolation range. Our classic mattresses are composed of:

  • A specialised fabric membrane
  • Fibrous insulation
  • Stitching with high-temperature thread

Additional finishes are available if required:

  • Additional layers of fabric
  • Closing or fastening systems
  • Reinforcements and inserts
  • Hand finish
  • Rivets and eyelets
  • Injection

Various thermal protections

Final Advanced Materials offers other types of industrial thermal insulation:

  • Industrial thermal insulation for valves, piping and flanges.
  • Sheaths for piping and exhausts
  • Airtight seals
  • High-temperature thermal screens
  • Anti-spray/splash screens
  • Flame protection
  • Fire protection

Textile Fibres (221.68k)

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