Zircar Zirconia

Zircar Zirconia

Zircar Zirconia® Cloths Type ZYW are flexible textiles composed of Yttria stabilized zirconia fibres that offer extreme temperature and chemical resistance in a flexible form. Type ZYW cloths provide the lowest thermal conductivity of any commercially available refractory material in their class.

Type ZYW cloths are true textiles, manufactured using the Zircar process where an organic cloth is converted into an inorganic replica. The fabrics are constructed of continuous individual filaments mechanically interlocked in a woven structure.

ZYW ceramic textiles are ideal for temperatures up to 2200°C and are suitable for applications such as high energy battery separators, thermal insulation in crystal growing furnaces, and hot gas filtration.

Properties of Zircar® Cloths

  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High porosity
  • Extreme high temperature stability
  • Fibres stabilized with ~10 wt% Yttria

Composition of Zircar® Cloths

  • ZrO2+Y2O3   > 99%

Health and security

  • Continuous filaments
  • No carcinogenic classification

Thermal characteristics of Zircar® Cloths

  • Peak temperature : 2200°C
  • Melting point 2500°C
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Specific Heat at 93°C : 544 J/kgK
  • Specific Heat at 2370°C : 754 J/kgK

Chemical characteristics of Zircar® Cloths

  • Exceptional resistance to molten alkali metal chlorides and carbonates up to 700°C
  • Exceptional resistance to aqueous solutions of alkali metal hydroxides up to 230°C
  • Tolerate exposure to a mineral acid at its boiling point for short lengths of time

Applications of Zircar® Cloths

  • Thermal insulation in crystal growth furnaces
  • Filtration of hot gas
  • Separator in nickel / hydrogen batteries
  • Separator in high temperature fuel cells
  • Catalyst support
  • Reinforcement for ablative materials

SDS - Zircar FBD... (134.48k)

SDS - Zircar FBD...

SDS - Zircar ZR-CEM (152.47k)

SDS - Zircar ZR-CEM

SDS - Zircar ZR-RIG (148.27k)

SDS - Zircar ZR-RIG