Graphite gasket sheet

Gasket sheets use high quality expanded graphite without any adhesive or sealing elements. They can be used at high temperatures up to 3000°C in an inert atmosphere or a vacuum. We stock 1 and 2 mm thicknesses, with a dimension of 1000 x 1000 mm². These sheets are often used with rigid felts as a coating on one or both surfaces.

Principal characteristics

  • Soft and flexible
  • Inert, highly impermeable
  • Light
  • Easy to machine, cut or punch
  • Heat dissipation, electrical conductivity
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Ash content : ≤ 0.15%

Gasket sheets with a volumetric mass density of 1.0 g/cm³

  • Temperature resistance : Approximately 400°C in air and 3000°C in an inert environment or a vacuum

  • Thermal conductivity : Parallel to the surface: 190 W/m.K, perpendicular to the surface: 5 W/m.K

  • Specific heat capacity (20°C): 0.7 kJ/

  • Thermal expansion coefficient (20-1000°C) : Parallel to the surface: approx. 1.10-6/K, perpendicular to the surface: approx. 50.10-6/K

  • Breaking strain : ≥ 1 %

  • Tensile strength : ≥ 4 N/mm²


  • Thermal screens,
  • Protective coating,
  • Diffusion barrier,
  • Anti-adhesive protection,
  • Heating elements.

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