Graphite powder

Graphite powder, high temperature lubricant, thermally conductive filler

Using scrap from our production of machinable graphite, we can provide sifted powder in the following standard sizes:

  • 315-500 microns, ref: 113-0025

  • 200-315 microns, ref: 113-0024

  • 100-200 microns, ref: 113-0023

  • 50-100 microns, ref: 113-0022

  • 0-50 microns, ref: 113-0021

The powder is sold in 1L or 5L quantities or in 20kg bags.

Custom sieving or bulk unscreened filling are also available.

Graphite Powder (113.95k)

Graphite Powder Data Sheet

Graphite (467.92k)

Technical data sheet Graphite.

Graphite powder

Graphite powder

Graphite is a soft material, which has a low hardness of 2 on the Mohs scale and a melting point of 3500 °C. The powder is sold in a 1L or 5L bottle and in a 20kg bag. Custom sieving or unsifted bulk filling is also possible.
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