Machinable Alumina Al2O3

Machinable Alumina Al2O3

Final Advanced Materials provides machinable ceramics. Cotronics machinable alumina Al2O3 is available in boards and rods, we can machine according to drawings

Machinable alumina presentation

Cotronics Rescor 960 is a 96% Alumina, Machinable Ceramic that is usable to 1650°C. It is manufactured from high purity alumina by a unique process.  
Machining can be accomplished with conventional tooling on standard shop equipment. No heat treatment is required.    
Rescor 960 Machinable Alumina can be used continuously to temperatures of 1650°C and offers the convenience and economy of an in house capability for Alumina parts.
The chemical, thermal and electrical properties of Rescor 960 is equivalent to standard high alumina ceramics.    

Machinable alumina applications

Rescor 960 is ideal for applications in electrical, electronic, metallurgical, fixtures and vacuum industries.    

Machinable technical ceramics (873.92k)

Machinable technical ceramics data sheet.