COTRONICS® manufactures and distributes high temperature adhesives, conductive epoxy, ceramics, putties, sealants, thermal and electrical insulation materials and conductive adhesives... for applications from -200°C up to +3000°C

COTRONICS® products presentation

Epoxy adhesives for electical insulation, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, flexibility, optical applications, ...
Ceramic adhesives to bond from metal with high thermal expansion, glass and ceramic, graphite, ...
- Castable ceramics, putties and coatings
- Machinable ceramics
Flexible ceramics for thermal insulation, blanket, rope, sleeving, tape, paper, ...

Cotronics® - Ceramic adhesive (1.40M)

Data Sheet: Ceramic adhesive

Cotronics® - Epoxy adhesive (1.40M)

Data Sheet: Epoxy adhesive