Alumina embedding cement

Alumina Al2O3 Embedding ceramic cement application.

Durapot® ceramics are high temperature, high resistance encapsulating and embedding cements that can be used for applications up to 1850°C.

These new high purity materials can be used on electrical and electronic equipment. Composed of alumina, magnesia (magnesium oxide) or zircon (zirconium silicate), and specially prepared for moulding, they provide an optimal solution to the problems of moulding at high temperature, exceeding the performance of epoxy resins and silicone. They harden at room temperature and hardening can be accelerated by light heating. Resistance to chemicals and solvents is excellent. Encapsulations are intended to protect and isolate circuits and components. The Durapot® range is designed to meet a variety of thermal, physical and electrical requirements. A comparison table groups their main characteristics.

Embedding ceramic cement presentation

1840°C - DURAPOT® 801 99% Pure Alumina Ceramic

Durapot® 801 is a specially formulated, room temperature curing, 99% Pure Alumina Ceramic that offers the ultimate properties of pure Alumina. No binders to contaminate even the most delicate systems. Offers high electrical resistance even at high temperatures. This unique 99% Pure Alumina Ceramic finds use in many electrical and metallurgical applications.

1650°C - DURAPOT® 804 and 805 Potting and Casting

Durapot® 804 and Durapot® 805 were formulated to provide a high strength, low cost Alumina potting and casting material. Electrical and metallurgical properties are excellent. Simply mix, pour and cure at room temperature. Use Durapot® 804 for small parts and Durapot® 805 for,large parts.

1650°C - DURAPOT® 810 Thermally Conductive Cement

Durapot® 810 is a 1650°C, highly thermal conductive, electrically resistant Alumina based, potting compound and adhesive that was developed to provide excellent electrical resistance at high temperatures and improved thermal conductivity for high power applications.

1650°C - DURAPOT® 820 Electrically Resistant Coating

Durapot® 820 is a one component paint and coating. Just brush on and air dry to form a highly resistant, 1650°C coating containing over 85% Alumina. Use to coat wires, coils etc.

Embedding Ceramic Cement (697.37k)

Technical data sheet: Cotronics® - Embedding Ceramic Cement

Durapot® 810 Castable...

Durapot® 810 Castable ceramic cement

Cotronics Durapot® 810 is a high purity coating. It has an excellent electrical resistance at high temperature. It is an alumina based powder which resists up to 1650°C. This product is available in 0.94, 3.7 and 18.5 litres, for bigger packaging please contact us.
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