Moldable sheet 1260°C

Moldable sheet presentation

Wrap-It Moldable sheets combine COTRONICS' high purity, refractory fibers with proprietary, inorganic binders in a new and economical wet felt form.   
Wrap-It is cut to shape, molded and dried to form a light weight, resilient, highly efficient, thermal insulation that is also resistant to most chemicals and solvents.

Just air dry to form strong  free standing shapes.     
Wrap-It will not crack or flake, has excellent thermal shock resistance and is not wet by molten metals.   
Wrap-It moldable sheets are ideal for molten metal handling, thermal insulation, fire proofing, burner chambers, field repair, welding supports,  fixtures  and  molten metal dams.

Applications Include : insulation, furnace linings, mufflers, gas turbines, fans, ovens, chemical reactors, expansion joint packing, fire protection, sound absorption, stress relieving insulation, non-contaminating  brazing  and sintering separators.

Wrap-It can be bonded with 7020 - Thermeez Ceramic Putty or 901 - Resbond Fiber Based Ceramic Adhesive.

372HT Moldable sheet

372HT Moldable sheet

Moldable and wet sheet Ceramic fibers Excellent thermal insulation Maximum temperature 2700°C
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