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Basalt Fibre Tapes Z-Rock®

Z-Rock® Basalt Tapes can withstand high temperature up to 1,095 °C.

They are mainly used in the automotive, aerospace and transportation industries.

They are available in thickness of 1.1 mm and width of 25 and 51 mm.

They are heat resistant.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our tape selection. We also provide other types of basalt fibre products.

    • Z-Rock® Basalt Tape - B-1050
    • Operating temperature: 815°C
    • Peak temperature: 1,095 °C 
    • Excellent resistance to UV
    • Excellent resistance to radiations
    • Excellent resistance to chemicals

    • Z-Rock B-1050 Tapes, thickness 1.1 mm


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