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Boron nitride has a hexagonal crystalline structure and a high thermal conductivity.

Boron nitride coating has lubricant properties for an easier unmolding. Used as a protector coating as well, it offers an excellent electrical insulation and chemical stability.

    • Boron nitride aerosol
    • Surface protection
    • Molding agent
    • High temperature lubricant additive
    • Aerosol of 500 ml
    • Resistant up to 1,800 °C under inert atmosphere and 900 °C under oxidizing atmosphere


    SDS Aerosol Boron Nitride ()

    SDS Aerosol Boron Nitride

    Boron nitride coating ()

    Technical data sheet boron nitride coating.

    SDS Suspension Boron Nitride ()

    Suspension Boron Nitride Safety Data Sheet