Boron nitride coating

Hexagonal boron nitride coating in aerosol.

Hexagonal boron nitride suspension has a high thermal conductivity. It is not impregnated with molten metals and can be applied directly to the surface requiring protection, even if the surface is already hot. It remains consistent at high temperatures and inert to metals, glass or molten salts.

This system is unique in its properties, making it an ideal lubricant for hot parts and tools. It is a release agent and an effective coating for all very hot materials. Boron nitride remains effective up to 800°C in air and 1950°C in inert gas, making it a very good dry lubricant.

Its amazing features and ease of use have earned it the nickname "white graphite".


  • High-temperature lubricant (1950°C)
  • High-temperature release agent
  • Protective coating for metals, ceramics, ceramic fibres and graphites
  • Facilitates casting of molten metals (aluminium, magnesium, zinc and lead)
  • Facilitates sliding of press tools at very high temperatures
  • Aerosol packaging for easy and universal use
  • Boron nitride (BN) is a semiconductor at high temperatures and an insulation at room temperature.


  • Clean the surfaces being coated, removing all splashes from melting or welding work
  • Shake the aerosol well
  • Spray about 70 cm from the surface being treated
  • Move the spray slowly and evenly
  • Apply in thin layers; if they are too thick the coat may crack
  • It is advisable to overlay several thin layers, waiting for each one to dry before applying the next


  • Thermocouple and probe protection
  • Protection for casting tools
  • High-temperature lubricant: foundry moulds, gasket wire drawing and more
  • Electrical insulation
  • Additive for silicone and resin to improve thermal conductivity
  • Release agent (metallurgy, metallisation industry, plastic injection moulds and more)
  • Protective layer for sintering and other applications
  • Coating to reduce friction and increase chemical inertness
  • BN 1012 is available as an aerosol or in a plastic bottle (5 and 10 litres)

Technical data





BN powder dispersed in water - Additives 2 to 4% -

BN powder dispersed in ethanol - Additives 3% - CFC-free propellant



Electrical resistivity

2x1014 Ω

Friction coefficient

BN/BN (air) 0.18

BN/Steel (air) 0.18

BN/Stainless Steel 0.2-0.4


1.12 to 1.14 g/cm²

Max. usage temperature

800°C in air

1950 °C in inert gas


11 to 13 seconds (cut Ford No. 4)

Flame resistant


Water resistant


SDS Aerosol Boron Nitride (257.78k)

SDS Aerosol Boron Nitride

Boron nitride coating (212.96k)

Technical data sheet boron nitride coating.

Boron nitride aerosol

Boron nitride aerosol

Boron nitride has a hexagonal crystalline structure and a high thermal conductivity. Boron nitride coating has lubricant properties for an easier unmolding. Used as a protector coating as well, it offers an excellent electrical insulation and chemical stability.
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Boron Nitride Suspension in container

Boron nitride coatings reduce friction and make an excellent lubricant. Made from boron nitride powder, water and a stabilizing agent, the slurry can be applied by brush, spray or soaking.
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