Ceramic ball

Ceramic ball

Final Advanced Materials provides a range of ceramic balls with corrosion and abrasion resistance at high temperature in alumina Al2O3 and zirconia ZrO2.

Alumina Al2O3 ceramic balls

Our alumina Al2O3 ceramic balls (purity 99.5%) have dimensional stability up to 1100°C, maximum temperature 1400°C, with an high wear and corrosive resistance. Alumina balls resist oxidation, contact with water, salt solutions, acids, ...

Zirconia ZrO2 ceramic balls

Our zirconia ZrO2 ceramic balls (3% MgO stabilized) guarantees excellent mechanical properties, very good wear and corrosion resistance. Zirconia balls can be used up to three time longer than the equivalent in carbide or metal in application with high corrosion and wear.

Ceramic Balls (613.87k)

Technical data sheet: Ceramic balls