Adhesive selector kit

Ceramic adhesive selector kit by Final Adavanced Materials.

Seven high temperature adhesives in convenient 4 oz. bottles. Ideal for simplifying products evaluation and selection.

Cotronics® Resbond® Ceramic Adhesives are based on high purity, ceramic binders and selected reinforcing fillers. These adhesives have excellent adhesion to ceramics, metals, glass and plastics and offer excellent high temperature stability, dielectric strength,mechanical properties and thermal shock resistance.

1650°C - Resbond® 901 Ceramic Fiber Adhesive and Coating is a high purity, Alumina Oxide based, Ceramic Composite that combines the refractory properties of Alumina with ceramic fiber reinforcement.

1287°C - Resbond® 907GF Fireproof Adhesive and Sealant is a moist, creamy putty for use from -300°F to 2350°F. It is easily applied from standard caulking cartridges and air dries in 4- 12 hours at room temperature.

1530°C - Resbond® 919 was formulated with Cotronics®’ proprietary ceramic binders to offer an adhesive with exceptionably high electrical resistance. These special binders maintain their high electrical resistance and dielectric strength even when exposed to temperatures up to 2800°F.

1650°C - Resbond® 989 is a one component high purity, 3000°F Alumina based, general purpose adhesive. It has a smooth creamy consistency and cures at room temperature to form strong bonds to ceramics, graphite, metals and glass.

1090°C - Resbond® 940 Standard has excellent adhesion to ceramics, glass, metals, etc. Offers excellent electrical, chemical and thermal shock resistance.

650°C - Resbond® 950 is easy to apply and cures at low temperature. Use with steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper, etc. Its easily machinable. Can be ground, sanded or polished.

980°C - Thermeez® 7030 High Expansion Adhesive Bonds and Protects to 1800°F. Asbestos free and safe to use. No objectionable odours or harmful fibers. Just mix to a smooth, creamy paste and apply.

Cotronics® - Selector Kit (257.49k)

Technical Datasheet Cotronics® 970N Selector Kit.