High temperature adhesive application

High temperature adhesive : Ceramic and epoxy

Final Advanced Materials can provide you high temperature adhesives for application from 200°C up to more than 2000°C : ceramic adhesive, epoxy adhesive, bismaleimide film.

High temperature adhesive presentation

In order to choose the right adhesive for your application in our range of products, first of all you need to have :

  • Max and continuous temperature
  • Mechanical stress
  • Electrical characteristics
  • Product to bond

Epoxy adhesive up to 350°C

We offer Duralco® Cotronics® high temperature epoxy-based adhesives, for temperatures up to 350°C.

Special versions of these adhesives with special characteristics are available: non-magnetic, sterilizable, adaptable hardness ...

Ceramic adhesive over 2000°C

We offer Resbond® Cotronics® high temperature ceramic adhesives, for temperatures up to 2200°C.

These adhesives have excellent adhesion to ceramics, metals, glass and plastics. They offer excellent high temperature stability, dielectric strength, mechanical properties and thermal shock resistance.

Bismaleimid film up to 240°C

307 is a solvent-free, hot-curing adhesive film with high temperature and media resistance. At room temperature it is not tacky and can be easily cut to the shape of the bond area. Tackiness is developed at ca. 120°C, just before curing.

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Adhesive selector kit

Final Advanced Materials provides a ceramic adhesive selector kit simplifying high temperature adhesive evaluation and selection.
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Bismaleimide Film

Bismaleimide film is a solvent-free adhesive film with high-temperature resistance and high chemical resistance.
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Electrically conductive Epoxy resin

Final Advanced Materials provides Cotronics electrically conductive epoxy resin for high temperature application.
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High temperature Ceramic Adhesive

Ceramic adhesives can be used up to 2000°C. Final Advanced Materials provides a wide range of ceramic adhesives Cotronics.
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High Temperature Epoxy Resin

Final Advanced Materials provides Cotronics epoxy resin for high temperature applications.
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Thermally conductive epoxy

Final Advanced Materials provides Cotronics thermally conductive resin for high temperature bonding.
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