High Temperature E-Glass Packings 700°C

E-Glass Packings, up to 700 °C

E-glass fibre has been in use since 1930, in large-scale industrial applications, as a high-temperature insulator for electrical conductorsE-glass fibres are the most widespread in use, whether in the textile industry or for composite materials, and are present in 90 % of reinforcements. This high-quality fibre is distinguished by its resistance to high temperatures and its excellent electrical insulating properties. This fibre is rot-proof, resistant to the most common chemical agents and dimensionally stable, even in the event of substantial variations in humidity and temperature.

Packings consist of an outer sleeve made of 9 μm E-glass fibre and a ceramic fibre core, suitable for high temperature applications up to 700 °C. They have excellent mechanical, thermal and dielectric properties. They are available in round sections.

E-glass filaments of diameter exceeding 9 μm can cause skin irritations. For this reason, E-glass fibre cords supplied are produced from textured and twisted strands of diameter ranging from 6 to 9 µm.

Applications of E-Glass Fibre Packings

  • Insulation of industrial ovens
  • Insulation gasket

Technical Data of E-Glass Fibre Packings



E-Glass Fibre Packing

Item N°



outer sleeve: 9 µm E-glass fibre
core: 100 % ceramic fibres



12 to 80



Linear mass


115 to 2,000



10 to 50

Max. Operating temperature



Peak temperature



Other dimensions available on request.

These E-glass products complement Newtex’s product range.

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