High Temperature Basalt Sleeves 815°C

Basalt Sleeves, up to 815 °C

Final Advanced Materials present a range of basalt sleeves of extreme resistance. Basalt fibre has properties that are far superior to fibreglass. In addition, basalt fibre is the most environmentally friendly high temperature resistant material when it comes to both manufacturing and recycling it.

Basalt products resist flame, high temperatures, chemicals (acids and bases), are very good acoustic and electrical insulators and have good mechanical properties. Because basalt remains functional down to -260 °C up to 815 °C, it can be used for high temperature as well as cryogenic applications. Its mechanical and chemical resistances are outstanding.

Made from basalt fibres of 8 to 16 μmthe sleeves are classified M0 according to European standard EN 13-501-1. They do not burn, do not melt, produce neither smoke nor toxic gases. 

They are also used in the insulation of electrical cables and as thermal protection for pipes and exhausts in the automobile industry.

Applications of Basalt Fibre Sleeves

  • High temperature protection
  • Thermal protection for cables and pipes
  • Insulation of exhausts
  • Electrical insulation

Technical Data of Basalt Fibre Sleeves



Basalt Fibre Sleeve

Item N°




1.5 to 22

Lining Thickness 






Max. Operating Temperature



Peak Temperature



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