Sintered vitreous carbon crucible

Sintered ceramic vitreous carbon crucible

Vitreous carbon is resistant to very high temperatures up to 3000°C in inert gas. Unlike many high temperature products, vitreous carbon increases in strength, peaking at 2400°C. It is twice as resistant at 2400°C than at room temperature. There is no weakening of the product at high temperatures and resistance to thermal shock is very high. Temperature increases followed by repeated cooling pose no problem.

Main proprieties

  • Vitreous carbon crucibles have none of the disadvantages of ceramic crucibles such as low heat conduction, adhesion to noble metals and the use of molten salt.

  • Heating and melting times are reduced so metals melt faster and more evenly. Vitreous carbon crucibles have a longer life than conventional ceramic and graphite crucibles.

  • Vitreous carbon crucibles have no porosity.

  • The high purity, low surface area and isotropic structure of vitreous carbon crucibles cause low oxidation, which generates a protective gas above the molten metal. This low oxidation prevents the formation of an oxide layer on the molten metal.

  • Casting has a uniform and clean appearance and can be done without wetting the crucible's surfaces. This property remains unchanged throughout the life of the product.

  • Thanks to their high resistance to thermal shock, vitreous carbon crucibles do not crack, even when placed on a cold surface.

  • Vitreous carbon crucibles can be used for induction heating.

  • Vitreous carbon crucibles are ideally suited to the fusion of palladium alloys and alloys containing a percentage of noble metals: they can be used, for example, to melt a ceramic alloy containing palladium with a percentage of noble metals around 1400°C.

  • Vitreous carbon crucibles can be used for rare metals and titanium alloys.

  • Vitreous carbon crucibles should not be used for melting steel or ferrous alloys.

Available products

  • Cylindrical crucibles
  • Evaporation capsules
  • Conical crucibles (wide and low angle)
  • Covers
  • Crystal growing crucibles
  • Crucibles with spout
  • Dishes

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