High Temperature Biosoluble Bulk Fibres 1,200°C

Biosoluble ceramic bulk fiber for high temperature insulation

Biosoluble Bulk Fibre, up to 1,200 °C

Final Advanced Materials presents biosoluble bulk fibres. The product consists of a mass of randomly orientated, long, fluffy, resistant fibres. It has excellent thermal stability and retains its flexible fibrous structure up to a temperature of 1,000 °C. Opaque to infra-red, it retains its low thermal conductivity at high temperatures and absorbs very little energy when heated. It is resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks and does not react with alumina bricks in the range of continuous high-temperature use.

Biosoluble bulk fibre contains no binders and emits no smoke or odour when first heated. Products are guaranteed asbestos and ceramic fibre-free. In order to eliminate the health risks associated with exposure to ceramic fibres or rock fibres for insulation, their chemical composition has been adapted. 

Biosoluble bulk fibre is available lubricated for use when filling or as expansion joints. The non-lubricated version is particularly useful for vacuum forming. 

The fibres are available in short, medium, long and extra-long sizes. The level of thermal conductivity depends on the degree of compression during installation.

Applications of Biosoluble Bulk Fibre 

  • Filling for thermal insulation
  • Expansion joints
  • Vacuum forming
  • Textile products

Technical Data of Biosoluble Bulk Fibre 



Item N°


Fiber Diameter 


2.5 - 3.5

Available Density



Thermal Conductivity at 1 000 °C for 128 kg/m3




SiO2: 62 - 68

CaO: 26 -32

MgO: 3 - 7

Autres: < 1

Max. Operating Temperature



Max. Peak Temperature 



Physical variables included in this documentation are provided by way of indication only and do not, under any circumstances, constitute a contractual undertaking. Please contact our technical service if you require any additional information.

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