Natural Steatite

Final Advanced Materials provides natural steatite, machinable high temperature ceramic. We offer boards, rods or machined parts according to your drawings.

Natural steatite, or soapstone, is a pyrophyllite rock. The ore that we have selected, features exceptional mechanical and thermal performances. After treatment at high temperature, the material acquires similar properties to those of known synthetic ceramics.

This material allows to solve with a remarkable implementation flexibility, problems that arise in laboratories and engineering consultants of all industries where ceramics are essential for their characteristics.

Natural Steatite characteristics

  • Dielectric and thermal insulating property
  • Resistance to chemical agents
  • Stability and shape accuracy
  • Heat resistance up to 1300°C
  • Excellent resistance to high vacuum (up to 10-8 torr)

This material is machined with a conventional tooling, sawing, milling, drilling, turning. It’s a machinable ceramic, whose machinability is remarkable. The homogeneous structure of the mineral allows the use of standard tools, usually dedicated to metalworking. This feature allows it more particularly to manufacture prototypes and parts series in very tight tolerances.

Very low and constant high temperature shrinkage (≤ 1%) authorizes the use of this material up to 1300°C, subject to compliance with a specific heat treatment procedure.

We can provide natural Steatite

We offer the possibility to supply this natural ceramic in form of plates or bars which will allow you to realise ceramic parts with your own ways of machining. A detailed machining procedure,will help you to transform this material into a technical part of precision.

The alternative is to provide us a detailed plan, that we will investigate and we will send you as soon as possible a detailed manufacturing quotation.

Applications of natural Steatite

  • Machining of components and toolings
  • Realisation of prototypes
  • Manufacturing of small ceramic series
  • Coil cores
  • Electrical insulator
  • Template of assembly
  • Injectors, nozzles
  • Vacuum parts
  • Thermal insulators, inductive insulators
  • Template of brazing and welding
  • Sensors