Your trusted partner for your machining projects 

Backed with our experience and our fleet of high-performance machine tools, we can work with a wide variety of materials. We are equipped to work with metals such as steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, Inconel®, bronze, copper, as well as more specific materials such as sintered ceramics, vitroceramics, refractories, plastic and composite. 

Tailor-made parts for your projects 

We understand the importance of precision in your project. That is why our 5- to 9-axis machining centres are designed for all specific requirements. Whether for series production or prototyping, we guarantee the highest quality.

With our machine tools, we achieve outstanding precision across a wide range of dimensions. We have 12 lathes with up to 9 axes and 5 machining centres with up to 5 axes; enabling us to machine from 3 to 400 mm in diameter.

High-quality service 

Our machining expertise includes turning, milling, and free machining techniques, as well as metrology controls and milling that comply with the highest aerospace standards.


Machined parts


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