Our machine services: turning, milling and free-cutting of Inconel®

Final Advanced Materials supplies custom-made inconel® parts according to your plans. Our expertise in turning, milling and free-cutting enables us to meet a wide variety of requirements. Final has a high-performance machines fleet and the expertise to machine inconel® from prototype to series production.

Description of Inconel®

Inconel® is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation. In the metallurgical industry Inconels® are considered to form part of the range of superalloys of Nickel-Chromium. They have extremely high corrosion resistance and are used in very corrosive environments such as the nuclear industry. They can be used at up to over 800°C.

We machine in particular the following grades:

  • Inconel® 625 with excellent resistance to corrosion and salt water
  • Inconel® 718 with high resistance to breakage by creep at high temperature

Applications for Inconel®

Inconel® is used in the maritime, aeronotics, chemical treatment and nuclear industries.

  • Maritime industries
  • Aeronautics and space industry
  • Chemical treatment
  • Nuclear reactors
  • Gas turbines
  • Pumps

Benefits of Inconel®

  • Good mechanical properties at high temperatures
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Satisfactory ductility
  • Satisfactory stiffness at low temperature

We also supply a range of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, copper and brass. Final has the machining facilities to ensure a quality that meets your requirements.

Technical data

Datasheet - Inconel (133.86k)

Technical datasheet of inconel

Datasheet - Metals (195.95k)

Technical datasheet of metals