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Cotronics Duralco® 4700 adhesive is a bonding epoxy resin

It is used to make high temperature bonding, up to 315°C.

This 2 components epoxy adhesive is charged with alumina powder, it needs a heat curing.

This product is available in 0.47, 3.7 and 18.5 litres.

Please contact us for bigger packagings. We also provide other types of high temperature adhesives and glues.

    • Cotronics Duralco 4700 Adhesive epoxy high temperature
    • Epoxy adhesive
    • Alumina filler
    • 2 components
    • Maximum temperature 315°C

    Cotronics® - Epoxy Resins E (621.70k)

    Technical data sheet: Cotronics® Epoxy Resins.