Magnesia embedding cement

Magnesia MgO Embedding ceramic cement application.

Cotronics® Durapot® ceramics are high temperature, high resistance encapsulating and embedding cements that can be used for applications up to 1850°C.

Durapot® 809 : Magnesia MgO electrically resistant cement.

Embedding Ceramic Cement (251.24k)

Technical data sheet: Cotronics® - Embedding Ceramic Cement

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Durapot® 809 Castable ceramic cement

Cotronics Durapot® 809 is a high purity magnesia based coating and bonding ceramic cement. It has excellent dielectric properties. This cement resists up to 1530°C. This product is available in 0.94, 3.7 and 18.5 litres, for bigger packaging please contact us.
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