Embedding ceramic cement

Embedding ceramic cement

Cotronics® Durapot® ceramics are high temperature, high resistance encapsulating and embedding cements that can be used for applications up to 1850°C.

Cotronics® embedding cement

Durapot® 801 : 99% pure alumina Al2O3.

Durapot® 804 : 99% pure alumina, for small parts.

Durapot® 805 : 99% pure alumina, for bigger parts.

Durapot® 809 : Magneisa MgO electrically resistant cement

Durapot® 810 : Thermally conductive and electrically resistant cement

Durapot® 814 : High speed potting cement

Durapot® 820 : Electrically resistant coating

Durapot® 821 : Low expansion cement

Durapot® 809 Castable...

Durapot® 809 Castable ceramic cement

Castable ceramic cement Excellent dielectric properties Magnesia Maximum temperature 1530°C
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Durapot® 810 Castable...

Durapot® 810 Castable ceramic cement

Castable ceramic cement Excellent electrical resistance Alumina Maximum temperature 1650°C
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