Moulding cement and resin

Moulding cement and resin packing.

Final Advanced Materials provides a range of high temperature Cotronics® products for moulding and casting from 200 up to over 2000°C : epoxy resin, silicone and cement.

The selection of a high temperature moulding product is quite complicated. With the following information we will be able to assist you in the material selection and the realisation :

  • Maximum / minimum / continuous / peak-temperature
  • Mechanical stress ( pressure, vibration,. ..)
  • Chemical exposure
  • Type of environment
  • Geometry, tolerances, drawings
  • Description of the application
  • Objectives

Ceramic cement for moulding and encapsulating

With Cotronics® products, Final Advanced Materials can provide you high temperature inorganic cement. The type of ceramic, fluidity, thermal insulation, thermal expansion, ... will be specially selected to match your application's need.

High temperature moulding epoxy resin

Up to 350°C Cotronics® Durapot® epoxy resin can be selected for your application. Depending on the reference and the type of charge in the resin you can get a product :

  • High or low viscosivity
  • Thermal conduction or insulation
  • Electrically conductive or insulating
  • High or low thermal expansion
  • Curing at room temperature or heat-curing

High temperature moulding silicone

Up to 340°C continuous (420°C peak-temperature) Cotronics® Duraseal® silicones can be used :

  • One component formulations
  • No mixing, measuring  or mess
  • No harsh or acidic odors
  • Bonds to metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, etc.
  • No special activators or primers
  • Will not  corrode metal surfaces
  • Resistant to electricity, most chemicals and solvents
  • Safe for the most delicate electronic components

Castable ceramic cement

The moulding castable ceramics cement offered by Cotronics allow the production of shaped parts that can withstand very high temperatures.
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Embedding ceramic cement

Final Advanced materials provides Cotronics high temperature Embedding ceramic cement for applications up to 1850°C.
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High-temperature epoxy moulding resin

Final Advanced materials provides high temperature moulding epoxy resin for applications up to 315°C.
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Silicone moulding resin

Final Advanced Materials provides Cotronics silicone moulding resin
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