Silicone moulding resin

Silicone moulding resin application.

Low cost, highly detailed, precision molds are easily produced with this simple mix and pour process.

Cotronics® silicone moulding resin

Cotronics® Replicast® 101 is non-toxic and virtually odor free. No more vacuum degassing. Just mix and pour. Replicast® 101 cures at room temperature. Forms flexible, durable molds with high tear strength, dimensional stability, abrasion resistance and excellent mold life.

Ideal for mold making, tooling, components, coatings, seals, gaskets, tools, shock resistant parts, rollers, etc.

Use Replicast® 101 with all of Cotronics®’ Ceramic and Epoxy Materials, Gypsum, Urethane, and Polyester Resins.

Silicon Moulding Resins (292.63k)

Technical data sheet: Cotronics® Silicon Moulding Resins