High Temperature Papers

High temperature resistant paper up to 1200°C.

Overview: High Temperature Papers

Final Advanced Materials presents two high temperature papers which can withstand up to 1,260 °C. These products are thin and light and offers an ideal solution for small spaces and high temperatures. While phlogopite mica paper has outstanding dialectric characteristics, biosoluble fibre paper offers a better thermal insulaiton.

Applications of Papers

  • High temperature gasket
  • Thermal insulation
  • Electrical insulation
  • Heat shield

Our Range of Papers

Phlogopite Mica Paper

Phlogopite mica paper is comprised of 90 % mica impregnated with a specific high-temperature-resistant binder, and reinforced by glass fibre applied to one side. When this paper is exposed to high temperatures, its resin content breaks down, without impairing the high-temperature electrical insulating properties of mica. Its dielectric strength remains constant up to 380 °C, then decreases progressively. Moreover, mica paper is chemically neutral, non-toxic and entirely halogen-free. It shows excellent resistance to water, acids (excluding sulphuric acid), bases, mineral oils and solvents. The mineral phlogopite shows exceptional flame-resistance properties, and can easily accommodate peak temperatures of up to 1,000 °C.


  • Burner gaskets
  • Exhaust manifold gaskets
  • Heat-exchanger gaskets
  • Thermal insulation
  • Electrical insulation

Biosoluble Fibre Paper

Made from alkaline earth silicate wool, biosoluble paper has an extremely uniform structure. Resistant to continuous temperatures up to 1,260 °C, this product has low thermal conductivity and high temperature stability as well as being light, smooth, flexible and easy to handle. These exceptional properties come from the careful selection of specific organic binders combined with advanced manufacturing processes. Our papers are available in thicknesses from 1 to 6 mm and a width of 610 mm. Sold in whole rolls, we also offer customised cuts. Other dimensions are available on request


  • High-temperature gasket and packing
  • Mould insulation
  • Heat shields for the automotive industry
  • Molten metal transfer systems (second-rate insulation)
  • Insulating envelope for the protection of nozzles in the steel industry

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High Temperature Paper (179.96k)

Technical Data Sheet: High Temperature Paper

High Temperature Biosoluble Paper 1,200°C

Made from alkaline earth silicate wool, 300 paper has an extremely uniform structure. It is resistant to continuous temperatures up to 1200°C.
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Mica Phlogopite Paper 1000°C

Phlogopite mica paper shows exceptional flame-resistance properties, and can easily accommodate peak temperatures of up to 1,000 °C. Containing neither halogens nor toxic gases, phlogopite mica paper is used in the production of fire-resistant cables.
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