Ceramic substrate

High temperature ceramic substrate

FINAL Advanced Materials offers a range of alumina, zirconia, quartz and aluminum nitride substrates. All our substrates are produced by laser cutting. We provide plates to standard sizes or cut parts according to your drawings. Do not hesitate to contact us to realise your specific parts, from lab scale to mass production.

We have machining facilities and a certified ISO 9001 quality system allowing us to realize your most complex parts according to your drawings.

  • Laser machines with cutting heads adapted to different materials,

  • Automated laser machines with a dimensional control video system,

  • Programming with all common data formats (DXF, DGW, iges, CADL, STL, ...)

Available material

  • Porous Alumina Al2O3 99%
  • Dense Alumina Al2O3 96 and 99%
  • Zirconia ZrO2
  • Aluminium nitride AlN
  • Quartz

Our range of ceramic substrates

Alumina substrate

The porous alumina substrates are often used as sintering base with the thermal treatment to 1500°C.

Aluminium nitride substrate

AlN Substrate have a high oxidation and abrasion resistance.

Zircon oxide substrate

ZrO2 Substrate have a high corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Ceramic substrate (167.83k)

Data Sheet: Ceramic substrate

Alumina substrate

The alumina substrate is available in 96% and 99.6% dense sintered alumina and 99% porous sintered alumina. It has thermal, electrical and mechanical properties.
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Aluminium nitride substrate

The AIN substrate is the ceramic with the best thermal conductivity and an excellent electrical insulation and low thermal expansion.
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Zirconia substrate

Final Advanced Materials offers a range of zirconia ZrO2 substrates, but also alumina, quartz and aluminum nitride substrates.
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