Silica SiO2

Silica SiO2

Final Advanced Materials provides a range of products in silica SiO2 : High temperature ceramic adhesive, castable ceramic cement and embedding ceramic cement.

Silica SiO2 presentation

COTRONICS has developed different types of silica products :

 - Ceramic adhesive 7030, 905, 918, 944
 - Castable ceramic cement 750
 - Embedding ceramic cement 821

Castable ceramic cement

Cotronics® products available in six refractory compositions: Alumina, Ceramic Foam, Silica, Silicon Carbide and Zirconia. Castable ceramic cement presentation Parts as small...
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Embedding ceramic cement

Cotronics® Durapot ceramics are high temperature, high resistance encapsulating and embedding cements that can be used for applications up to 1850°C. Embedding ceramic cement...
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High Temperature Ceramic Adhesive

Cotronics® Resbond ceramic adhesive presentation Resbond high temperature adhesive are based on high purity ceramic binders and selected reinforcing fillers. These...
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Machinable porous silica

Cotronics ®   Rescor ® 310M Foam is composed of over 99% pure fused Silica Ceramic and withstands temperatures to 1650°C. 310 Ceramic Foam features low thermal expansion, high thermal...
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