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Silica is a chemical compound, silicon dioxide, and a mineral of formula SiO2, current and very hard. It represents more than 60% of the mass of the earth's crust. Silica SiO2 is chemically stable and hardly attacked by hydrofluoric acid, a reaction used in glass etching.

Silica exists in several crystalline forms including:

  • Quartz, the most widespread species in nature
  • Tridymite (melting point 1670°C)
  • Cristobalite (melting point 1713°C)
  • In amorphous form: silica glass or vitreous silica

Each of the crystallized forms has several varieties. The transition from one species to another results in dimensional variations, some of which are important at the scale of ceramic materials. This often results in thermal shock fragility and other phenomena due to expansion tension.

The stability of the species will depend on the temperature range to which they are subjected, the fineness of the grains, the cooking atmosphere and the presence of other oxides acting as catalysts (mainly the alkalis: K2O, Na2O, Li2O and also alkaline-earths with CaO) also called "mineralisers".

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Castable cement SiO2

Final Advanced materials provides Cotronics high temperature castable ceramic cement for applications up to 2200°C.
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Rescor 310M Porous Silica

Cotronics' Rescor 310 M is made from porous silica. It can withstand temperatures of up to 1,650°C continuously and guarantees low thermal conductivity and limited expansion. It is available in three sizes and can be easily machined to the desired shape.
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Sio2 ceramic adhesive

SiO2 Ceramic adhesives can be used up to 13700°C. Final Advanced Materials provides a wide range of ceramic adhesives Cotronics.
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SiO2 embedding cement

Final Advanced materials provides Cotronics high temperature Embedding ceramic cement for applications up to 1850°C
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