99.7% sintered alumina crucible

99,7% alumina Al2O3 crucible for high temperature melting

Sintered alumina enables use up to 1700°C. This product is ideal for very high temperature applications.

It is resistant to chemical attacks from most acids and alkaline solutions as well as hydrogen and other reducing gases, with the exception of :

  • High concentration hydrofluoric acid
  • Phosphoric acid at boiling point
  • Potassium hydroxide solution at boiling point
  • Sodium hydroxide solution
  • Alkali salt melt


Al2O3 Alumina 99.7% with traces of MgO Magnesia and SiO2 Silica.

  • Maximum usage temperature: 1700°C
  • Good resistance to thermal shock
  • High electrical resistivity
  • Good mechanical resistance

Available products

  • Cylindrical crucibles
  • Conical crucibles
  • Tubular crucibles

Porducts on requets

  • Incineration tanks
  • Dishes

Alumina crucibles (237.19k)

Technical Data Sheet - Sintered alumina crucibles

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