Silicate Fibre Sleeve 1,200°C

Silicate Fibre Sleeve

Silicate Fibre Sleeves, up to 1,200 °C

Silicate fibre products are inorganic, and contain no toxic substances (asbestos-free) or irritants. The good thermal and mechanical properties of these products make them excellent replacements for asbestos-based products. With a diameter ranging from 6 to 9 μm, these fibres pose no hazard to health.

Silicate fibre sleeves are fire-resistant, radiation-resistant, and have a low coefficient of thermal expansion, even at very high temperatures. Low in density, they show very good resistance to chemical agents, particularly to acids. In comparative terms, silicate fibre-based textiles have superior high-temperature resistance to biosoluble fibre textiles.

S98 sleeves are resistant in applications at temperatures up to 1,200°C. They are principally employed as thermal or acoustic insulators, and for the reinforcement of composite materials. 

S94 sleeves are resistant to temperatures of 1,100 °C, and are excellent thermal insulators. They are ideal for the protection of cables and pipes against slags. 

Application of Silicate Sleeves

  • Insulation of cables
  • Insulation of pipes
  • Electrical insulation
  • Heat protection
  • Asbestos-free alternative

Technical Data of Silicate Sleeves





Item N°





1.5 - 65

12 - 100



25 - 200

25 & 50

Area Density


4 -130

54 - 450

Max. Operating Temperature




Max. Peal Temperature




S94 products are only produced on request, and are subject to a minimum order quantity.

Physical variables included in this documentation are provided by way of indication only and do not, under any circumstances, constitute a contractual undertaking. Please contact our technical service if you require any additional information.

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