Alumina Silicate

high temperature alumina silicate

Overview: Alumina Silicate

Alumina silicate is a natural ceramic which is sourced from a pyrophyllite rock. Final Advanced Materials employs a mineral which is endowed with exceptional mechanical and thermal performance capabilities. After high-temperature treatment, this material acquires properties which are similar to those of known synthetic ceramics.

The remarkable flexibility of application of alumina silicate permits the resolution of issues raised by ceramics in laboratories and design offices.

Alumina silicate is frequently a key element of projects, because of its properties:

  • Dielectric and thermal insulating capabilities
  • Resistance to thermal impacts
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Resistance to chemical agents
  • Dimensional stability and accuracy
  • Suitability for metal plating
  • Heat-resistant up to 1,300 °C
  • Non-combustible
  • Low absorption of humidity
  • Excellent under high-pressure vacuum (up to 10-8 torr)
  • Limited production time
  • Fusion compatibility with aluminium, zinc, lead, sodium or cast iron
  • Absence of glass marking
  • Compliance with food grade testing in accordance with NF EN ISO standard 10545-15

Alumina silicate shows very low shrinkage (≤ 1 %), and remains stable at high temperatures. It can be used at temperatures up to 1,300 °C, provided that a specific thermal treatment procedure is observed.

Machining instructions

To learn more about machining alumina silicate, please refer to the general machinable technical ceramics page.

Product Range in Alumina Silicate

Machinable Alumina Silicate Ceramic

Machinable alumina silicate ceramic provides a highly cost-effective alternative to sintered ceramics for applications at temperatures up to 1,300 °C. Thereafter, thermal withstand is achieved by heat treatment at 940 °C, 1,100 °C or 1,300 °C. Where tolerances are highly restricted, finishing with a diamond wheel may be necessary.</p>

Alumina silicate also provides a useful alternative to Macor®, depending upon the dimensions and the machining tolerances of the part to be produced.

Final Advanced Materials can supply ceramic rods or plates for your own use, but it is also possible for us to undertake the complete execution of your project.

Alumina Silicate Castable Cement Rescor® 740

Rescor® 740 liquid foam forms lightweight, high strength, machinable, thermally and electrically insulating parts usable to 1260°C. Just mix the ceramic powder with its liquid activator and pour into non- absorbent moulds. Hardens overnight to produce high strength, insulating prototypes and parts.

Physical variables included in this documentation are provided by way of indication only and do not, under any circumstances, constitute a contractual undertaking. Please contact our technical service if you require any additional information.

Ceramic: Alumina SIlicate (237.14k)

Data Sheet: Ceramic Alumina SIlicate

Castable Ceramic Cement

Final Advanced materials provides Cotronics high temperature castable ceramic cement for applications up to 2200°C
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Machinable Ceramic: Alumina Silicate

Final Advanced Materials provides alumina silicate, machinable high temperature ceramic. We offer boards, rods or customed parts. The remarkable flexibility of application of alumina silicate permits the resolution of many technical issues.
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