High Temperature Braided Ropes

Wide range of high temperature braids, ropes and cords

Overview: High Temperature Braided Ropes

Final Advanced Materials supplies various ranges of high-temperature-resistant braided ropes. The maximum peak temperature resistance is 1,260 °C. Various compositions are available, for the optimum fulfilment of individual requirements: Zetex®, silicate, biosoluble fibre and glass fibre. These products are primarily employed as insulating seals and are particularly renowned in the glass-making industry, or for use in industrial furnaces.

Applications of Braided Ropes

  • Insulating seals
  • Thermal insulation
  • Insulation of pipes and exhausts
  • Sealing gaskets for industrial furnaces and boilers

Comparative Table




E-Glass Zetex® Silicate Biosoluble



5 to 15

4 to 60

6 to 25

3 to 50

5 to 60



round or square

Max. Operating Temperature








Peak Temperature







1glass reinforcement 2Inconel® reinforcement

Our Range of Braided Ropes

Aramid Fibre, up to 400 °C

These braided ropes are composed of 100 % continuous para-aramid fibres, which gives them excellent mechanical and thermal properties. They keep their characteristics up to 350 °C continuously and with peaks up to 400 °C. They are mainly used in the glass industry, valued for their chemical and abrasion resistance. We have a range of braided ropes available in round or square sections. 


  • Thermal insulation

E-Glass Fibre, up to 700 °C

Produced in round or square sections, E-glass fibre braided ropes are manufactured from textured strands of diameter ranging from 6 to 9 µm. These are employed in applications involving continuous exposure to temperatures up to 550 °C, and peak temperatures of 700 °C. Various treated verions are available: silicone-, rubber- or PTFE-coated, graphite-impregnated, aramid-combined or stainless-steel sheathed. This permits the improvement of the mechanical properties of braided ropes, the prevention of contamination by stray fibres or the improvement of leak-tightness. Braided ropes are available in standard diameters ranging from 4 to 60 mm.


  • Insulating seals in industrial furnaces, stacks and fire-break doors

Any fraying of cut sheathing is prevented by two knitted versions: white for applications up to 550 °C, and black for applications up to 700 °C, under continuous exposure to these temperatures. The knitted manufacturing process also improves the elasticity of sheathing, and restricts the occurrence of stray fibres. Round- or square-section braided ropes may be stainless steel-reinforced, graphite-impregnated or sheathed in stainless steel or glass fibre for the improvement of resilience, mechanical properties and abrasion-resistance, or the prevention of contamination by stray fibres. These product references are available on request.

Zetex® Fibre, up to 700 °C

Our Zetex® braided ropes are made of braided fiberglass and commonly used in high temperature sealing and packing applications involving hot air, steam, water, fluids, or gases. They are resistant to most acids and alkalis, and won't shrink, stretch, or unravel. Braided ropes are stronger, denser, smoother, and more stable than twisted ropes. They are used in packing applications that require greater resistance to compression and mechanical wear. They are available in diameter of 10 mm, 12 mm, 20 mm et 25 mm as well as in a ZetexPlus® version.


  • Thermal insulation
  • Insulation of pipes and exhausts
  • Insulating seals in industrial furnaces

Silicate Fibre, resistant up to 1,200 °C

Silicate fibre braided ropes are inorganic and contain no toxic substances (asbestos-free) or irritants. The good thermal and mechanical properties of these products make them excellent replacements for asbestos-based products. Ranging from 6 to 9 μm in diameter, these fibres pose no hazard to health. In addition to being excellent low-density thermal insulators, silicate fibre products are fire-resistant, and have a low coefficient of thermal expansion, even at very high temperatures. They are highly resistant to chemical agents, particularly acids, and to radiation. In comparative terms, silicate fibre-based textiles show superior resistance to high temperatures than biosoluble fibre textiles.

S98 braided ropes are comprised of over 98 % silica. They are suitable for high-temperature applications up to 1,200 °C.

S94 braided ropes contain over 94 % SiO2, and function as excellent thermal insulators at temperatures up to 1,100 °C.

Braided ropes are available in square or round sections.


  • Sealing gaskets
  • Thermal protection

Biosoluble Fibre, up to 1,260 °C

Biosoluble fibre braided ropes are reinforced, either by glass fibre or by refractory steel:

Glass fibre reinforcement is more cost-effective, and provides the benefit of not being electrically conductive

Refractory steel reinforcement increases the strength of the high-temperature braided cord, and improves its physical properties, whilst preserving its initial flexibility. These braided ropes are available in diameters ranging from 5 to 60 mm, in square, round or rectangular sections.


  • Sealing gaskets
  • Thermal protection

Physical variables included in this documentation are provided by way of indication only and do not, under any circumstances, constitute a contractual undertaking. Please contact our technical service if you require any additional information.

High Temperature Braided Ropes (232.73k)

Technical Data Sheet: High Temperature Braided Ropes

High Temperature Aramid Braided Ropes 400°C

High temperature Aramid ropes retain their characteristics up to a continuous temperature of 350°C and can withstand a peak temperature of 400°C.
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High Temperature Biosoluble Braided Ropes 1200°C

Biosoluble fibre glass ropes and cords feature a fibre glass sheath. They can be reinforced with refractory steel or fibreglass.
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High Temperature E-Glass Braided Ropes 700°C

E-glass braided ropes are temperature resistant up to 700°C. They are available in standard diameters from 4 to 60 mm or treated with silicone, rubber, PTFE, graphite-impregnated or aramid-combined. The braids are mainly used for insulation joints.
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High Temperature Silicate Braided Ropes 1200°C

Silicate fibre braided ropes are suitable for high temperature applications up to 1200°C. They have excellent mechanical and thermal properties. S98 braided ropes are composed of 98% silica and S94 product contain 94% silica. Available in square or round.
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High Temperature Zetex® Braided Ropes 700°C

Zetex® braided ropes made of braided fiberglass are resistant to most acids and alkalis, and won't shrink, stretch, or unravel. They can withstand temperatures up to 700°C. Ideal for heat insulation and insultation of sealing boilers, pipes and tailpipes.
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