Machinable technical composite

Final Advanced Materials provides you with a large range of high temperature machinable composite in order to fit your application. We have standard boards for you to machine or if you give us a drawing we can machine your parts (from prototypes to bigger quantities).

Machinable technical composite presentation

Organic composite up to 500°C

Glass fiber / Epoxy composite E6000, E60 and E70 for application up to 350°C

Mica / Silicone composite MC5000 and MC5000-HT can be used at 500°C

Mineral composite over 500°C

Calcium silicate boards up to 1000°C

High insulating nano porous NanoT boards up to 1050°C

Sizal Cell microporous boards from 1200 to 1800°C

Zirconia fiber products up tp 2200°C

Calcium silicate board 1000°C

Calcium silicate composites can be sawn, bevelled, drilled, screwed and machined with traditional machines, tools and techniques.
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Epoxy board 350°C

Final Advanced Materials provides standard epoxy boards or finished parts according to your drawings
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Machinable mica board 500-700°C

Mica panels can be used as a replacement for products containing asbestos.
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Nanoporous silica 1050°C

The high insulating capacity of nanomaterials comes from their composition of nanoporous ceramic particles.
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Sizal® Board fibrous plates 1850°C

Sizal® Board is a range of rigid fibrous high-temperature insulation, used for high temperature applications up to 1850°C.
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Our Sizal® range is a complete line of thermal insulators that open the way to many industrial or laboratory applications up to temperatures of 1800°C.
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Zirconia fibres board 2200°C

Zirconia fibres products have high temperatures strength and a high resistance against chemical agents.
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